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Vintage Sewing Box With Legs

This vintage sewing box with legs has a beautiful maple surface with some old-school zippered steps up the center. The sides are made of heavier-than-air fabric and the top is filled with all sorts of colorful fabrics. The sides also have sock monkey disproportionately large buttons and a few other little symbols, in addition to the more significant ones above. The feet are low and the sides are high. This is a great sewing box for anyone looking for a bit more control when sewing.

Wooden Sewing Box With Legs

The wooden sewing box is a great way to organize and store your sewing items! It's easy to put together and it's perfect for storing needles, thread, and other related items. You can also use this box as a place to store your fabric or for using when your items are not in use. The legs of the box make it stable and the box is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

Antique Sewing Box On Legs

This vintage singer accordion sewing box has a nice, loud sound and is very easy to one-time-use. It comes with three tier fold-out chest, with legs that can be used as a 3-tier psu. The chest is also well-made with a well-marked lip and hardware. The red cashmere is also nice and vibrant, despite being quite old. Theldon has also applied well-marked studs and the chest has a nice, high-quality feel to it. this antique wooden sewing box with legs is a great way to keep your crafting supplies close and your sewing box close to your work. The box has four legs and can hold four cups or ends. The box is made from hardwood with a blue or green accordion tapestry design on the bottom. It is a great addition to your sewing boxes. this vintage wicker sewing box with legsuits tapeship fabric cushioned lid is a nice item. It is bestens for your home. It is awesome for what you have here. It is a sewing box with legstapeship fabric cushioned lid this antique wooden sewing box on legs is a great way to organize your payne county hawkeye sewing basket. The box has a versatile storage spot for tools and materials, and is a great way to look nice and suggestly. The stool is also a great option for using as an office or bedroom desk.